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What is visural-wicket?

visural-wicket is a collection of Apache Wicket components and utilities. They are designed to be light-weight, loosely coupled and to be easily integrated into any existing Wicket application with minimal dependencies.

Each component is also designed to be easily customised to fit a particular system's requirements.

Other than components, visural-wicket includes some other utilities that assist in the development of Wicket applications, such as an annotation-based mounting system, model templates and automatic "form view mode" component.

How does visural-wicket differ from other libraries?

How does it differ from libraries such as WiQuery or wicket-stuff? A core goal of this project is to provide components which do not come with a lot of dependencies. Something like WiQuery / JQuery UI are fine if you plan to use all of those components heavily, but many designers wish to pick and choose their tools and a mixture of custom and off the shelf tools for a more customised look and feel.

While visural-wicket uses JQuery (regular, not JQuery UI) for many of the components, as much as possible we've tried to keep the dependencies to a minimum, and clearly state them in the documentation.

Are they production-ready?

The visural-wicket and visural-common libraries can be seen in production use at Visural's site On My Doorstep. They have also been implemented in many other projects.

The 0.6 release has proven very popular with 100's of downloads and good feedback indicating widespread use in the Wicket community.

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visural-wicket is Apache 2.0 Licenced open source, created by Richard Nichols